Total Mindset Gummy Assortment


Choose your mindset! The Total Mindset Gummy Assortment contains 100 full spectrum CBD gummies: Happy, Calm, Focus, Rest and Recovery (Health). Find your mindset, combine your mindsets. 

Each assortment contains 1000 MGs Of Full Spectrum Mindset Wellness CBD, plus the terpenes limonene, linalool, pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene and humulene. Vegan and organic, made from apple pectin (not gelatin) and pure cane sugar.

Cannabinoids per Gummy: 10MG

Calories per Gummy: 10

100 Gummies Total

These CBD gummies are all natural and infused by craft formulators. 

Total Cannabinoids: 1000 MG

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